Wednesday, October 29, 2014


COMPENSATION : 2.47 LPA CTC during Training
                                  3.2 LPA CTC after Training


Gauri Majmudar (Computer Science & Engg)
Dharamkumar Gajera (Computer Science & Engg)
Anurag Panchal (Computer Science & Engg)
Nabilahmed Patel (Computer Science & Engg)
Ishita Kapadia (Computer Science & Engg)
Neha Jethani (Computer Science & Engg)
Suyash Singh (Computer Science & Engg)
Kaushal Patel (Computer Science & Engg)
Rohan Athavale (Computer Science & Engg)
Sagar Sharma (Electronics Engg)
Jait Purohit (Computer Science & Engg)
Aagam Shah (Computer Science & Engg)
Sharmeen Shaikh (MCA)
Bharatkumar Bhanderi (Electronics Engg)


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